By Nell Kalter

It’s the second semester of her senior year in college, and before she is thrown into the uncertain abyss of the real world, Jaye is desperately trying to cram in every delirious moment of university life. Her days are spent forging closer bonds with friends, watching grisly horror movies in her Film Theory class, applying to graduate school, and considering calling off the safe and secure long-distance romance she has been a part of for perhaps far too long. Her nights are spent forming attractions to fraternity boys and guitarists in local bar bands. She is questioning what she wants her looming future to hold. But as her time as a student frenetically comes to an end, the only thing Jaye knows for sure is that she has a lot more growing up to do. Beginning on the blizzard-ridden and alcohol-fueled night of her twenty-first birthday and continuing through the memorable last months of college, her summer spent in New York City, and the following aimless autumn, STUDENT explores one young woman's quest to find herself. Brutally honest and deeply introspective, Jaye is bold but inhibited, reckless but resilient, sexy but self-conscious, and surrounded by friends while often feeling alone. What she will experience in nine pivotal months will change her forever.

That Year
By Nell Kalter

There are years that challenge you. 

There are years during which you grow a lot. And then there are years you don’t seem to really grow at all. 

There are years full of such unadulterated bliss that you’d choose to live them over again, if only the universe provided you with that option – and there are years so tumultuous, you wish with all your might that you could scrub the days of that year from the haunted recesses of your mind. 

A year is a long time. A year flies right by. A year can be ruled by love or it can be governed by loss. A year can cause you to embrace fear or it can turn you into someone utterly fearless. A year can change the entire trajectory of your life, and there’s always that one year you will never forget. 

That year? 

It made me weak and it made me strong. 

It made me cynical and it taught me how to trust. 

It made me confront exactly what my life and my soul were missing. 

It made me explore a future I didn’t even know I could hope for. 

That year almost broke me. 

But that year might have saved me. 

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