When I started this blog over a year ago, I kind of pressed a bunch of buttons on a keyboard, closed my eyes, and hoped for (okay, chanted for) the best.  Shockingly, it all somehow ended up working and a site was born – though the fury that crept up inside of me each time I tried to upload and resize a picture was the kind of fury that turned my skin a terrible shade of beet red as I experienced the previously unknown misery of technology-inspired apoplectic rage.  And as for figuring out how to create links to amazon.com to check out my books?  Yeah, I was never able to master that kind of build-a-blog knowledge.

But it’s about to be a brand new autumn and I just bought some dresses and not all of them are black and so it only seems right that there should be a new look to my site too.  (Listen:  it was either revamp nellkalter.com or get myself bangs – and we all know how bangs usually turn out.  I simply couldn’t punish myself or the people who have to look at me in that kind of harsh manner.  Plus, frizz season is not really over until mid-October.)  This time – with this new site – I had some help.  Okay, I had a lot of help and I’m really appreciative of my technological superhero.  I’m betting he could even pull off wearing a cape.

Hope you find the new site enjoyable to navigate and, as always, thank you so much for visiting.  New pieces will be posted all the time!